Economic Stimulus funding put to good use in Yarralin

Like many businesses, we were hit hard by COVID-19 with a loss in revenue, especially from the Yarralin Motel. So it was good news when we were successful with an application for some of the Federal Government’s Economic Stimulus funding for Indigenous Businesses.

The funding allowed us to undertake a range of projects at the Yarralin Motel, Yarralin Community Store, our office, and are helping us re-ignite our Ngarinyman Bush Soap products.

The Yarralin Motel now boasts new vinyl floors – repairing damage from heavy rain over the years, and an all new gravel car park which will prevent visitors from having to walk through mud and water during the wet season.

New commercial grade washing machines, linen, and storage cupboards have also been bought. These improvements will ensure the longevity of the motel and maintain ongoing employment opportunities for community.

The Yarralin Community Store is benefitting from a new backup generator (the old one had stopped working many years ago) which will ensure food security for community in the event of power failures. The store carpark was also redesigned, allowing for safer parking of vehicles, and allowing more vehicles to be parked off the street.

Other works at the store include an upgraded point of sale system, a new security system, fencing repairs to improve security, and two new display freezers which replaced old units that were malfunctioning.

Ngarinyman Bush Soap will benefit from new soap moulds, additional soap base, and an advertising campaign to boost sales planned for later this year. You can find out more about Ngarinyman Bush Soap on our Facebook page.

None of these improvements would have been possible without this grant funding which would have threatened long-term and ongoing job opportunities in the Yarralin community. Special thanks goes to the NLC and the Federal Government for the funding.