Road Update – Buchanan Highway

As we near the end of the wet season, travellers are advised the road between Timber Creek and Yarralin is in rough condition. With the big wet this year, rivers in some places are backed up which means rainfall can see creeks rise quickly.

The road itself has multiple washed out areas, including some bridge damage at Surprise Creek (now repaired). Take it slowly (40 – 60km/h) – especially if you’re unfamiliar with the road – and expect to encounter puddles of water.

The road is certainly 4wd only and those travelling to Yarralin are recommended to have a good set of mud tyres. The road between Sandy Creek and Yarralin itself is quite churned up and muddy. Pick what looks like the driest path, try and avoid the deeper ruts, and you should be fine.

Sandy Creek itself has been up and down all season this year. If you do reach it and it’s too high (usually above 0.6 meters), you may wish to wait for the creek to drop before attempting crossing (although this may take a few hours, if not a day).