Samantha Campbell elected Chair at AGM

Walangeri Ngumpinku are pleased to announce Samantha Campbell has been elected as Chair at our recent AGM and Board meeting held on the 1st December, delayed by a day due to sorry business.

Serious faces all round at our 2020 AGM

We congratulate Sam on her appointment and look forward to an exciting new year with all our elected Directors. John de Koning was also re-appointed as a non-Member Director, with the Board welcoming his advice and input.

Our newly elected Directors are as follows:

  • Samantha Campbell (Chair)
  • Selina Campbell (Deputy Chair)
  • Brian Pedwell
  • Brian Darby
  • Colin Campbell
  • Wesley Campbell
  • Johnny Dan
  • Sharatine Campbell
  • John de Koning (non-Member Director)

We also held a meeting to discuss the creation of Kyang-Kyang Aboriginal Corporation. A subsidiary that will look after our Yarralin Community Store. The following members were elected to be the inaugural Directors of Kyang-Kyang:

  • Selina Campbell (Chair)
  • Johnny Dan (Deputy Chair)
  • Sharatine Campbell
  • Wesley Campbell
  • Brian Darby

The Board are also pleased to announce that Martin Schahinger has been appointed the CEO of Kyang-Kyang. There will be a lot of work as we transition the Yarralin Community Store from Walangeri Ngumpinku and over to Kyang-Kyang, but this structure will provide us with a clear separation for accounts and other purposes.