Economic Stimulus funding put to good use in Yarralin

Like many businesses, we were hit hard by COVID-19 with a loss in revenue, especially from the Yarralin Motel. So it was good news when we were successful with an application for some of the Federal Government’s Economic Stimulus funding for Indigenous Businesses. The funding allowed us to undertake a range of projects at theContinue reading “Economic Stimulus funding put to good use in Yarralin”

Road repaired

We’re happy to report that the damage done to the Buchanan Highway over the wet has mostly been repaired. Travellers should note it is a gravel road and so care should always be taken to drive to the conditions. However, with no rain for several weeks, the roads are dry and the creeks and riversContinue reading “Road repaired”

Ngarinyman Bush Soap returns to production

Ngarinyman Bush Soap is a local business venture started with some grant funding a few years ago. Local community harvest wild native plants and turn them into soap and other body care products. With the support of Walangeri Ngumpinku, the soap is now re-entering production. Photos above show harvesting Dimilan and Bardigi plants, our soapContinue reading “Ngarinyman Bush Soap returns to production”

NLC visit town

The NLC visited community today to talk about a number of upcoming leases and section 19 applications for Yarralin. Later that day, they joined our Board meeting to discuss the community’s interest in township leasing.

Voting in community

It’s voting time again, with polling officials setup at our community store today. A steady stream of voters has been going through all morning. The polling booth will be open until 1 pm, before moving onto the next remote community.